Hi, ZÉRA Mom!

How can we help?

Hi, ZÉRA Mom! How can we help?

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ZÉRA Petit

What is ZÉRA Petit?

ZÉRA Petit is a pouch that consist 5 maternity and baby products, curated based on your profile. 

It is only RM25 per month and RM275 per year. Shipping is free in the West Malaysia while for East Malaysia there will be a low fee of RM5

You can sign up for your own ZÉRA Petit here

How are ZÉRA Petit personalised?

ZÉRA is all about personalization and discovery! 

We personalize your ZÉRA Petit based on your profile, your preferred feature and your product review feedback to choose the best products for you. 

We also want to introduce you to amazing brands and products you may not have heard about or tried before. Your ZÉRA Petit will include a variety of different types of products, and we encourage you to try everything you get. You may find a new favorite!

Can I change my ZÉRA Petit preferences?

You unable to change the beauty preference, but you may unsubscribe it on your account and redo the journey step.

Kindly note that updated preference will be reflected on your next month’s ZÉRA Petit.