IBOBOMI NFC Apple Juice 100ml


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Suitable for children from 6months old onwards



  • Suitable for children from 6months old onwards
  • NFC means ‘Not from Concentrate’. All fresh apples are carefully selected and hand-picked from apple trees, and then go through low-speed masticating juicer to produce higher quality juice without destroying heat sensitive vitamin. Fresh apple juice instantly packed into the packaging without goes through the freezing process, which can preserve more nutrients from the fresh apples!
  • SGS certified to be free of heavy metals & microorganisms& mycotoxin (the only kid’s snack in Malaysia that has been tested by SGS)
  • No added sugar, coloring, additives, artificial flavors, preservatives etc
  • The highest quality Korean raw materials- only handpick fresh apple from trees
  • 100% Korea ingredients (100% Korea Apple)
  • HACCP – Safe and hygienic factory production
  • VEGAN- Suitable for vegetarian diets
  • GLUTEN FREE – No allergens
  • Shelf life- One year

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