Goyaheal – Wound Healing Spray 200ml


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Introducing our Natural Antibacterial Healing & Antiseptic Spray (wound spray) , a multi-purpose first aid solution designed to promote fast and effective healing.



This spray is an antibacterial and antiseptic wound wash that is perfect for treating minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. With its powerful disinfectant properties, it cleanses and sanitizes wounds to prevent infections. Our wound spray also contains antibiotic ingredients to accelerate the healing process and promote skin regeneration. In addition, our spray can be used as a skin healing spray and a spray wound dressing to protect the wound and keep it clean. It’s a versatile wound care spray that is suitable for all skin types and is the best antiseptic spray for wounds. Get ready to experience the benefits of our wound-healing spray for humans. Try our disinfectant spray for cuts and bandage spray for wounds today and see the difference it can make in your healing journey.

Natural Formulation with Bitter Melon Extract

Effective sterilization, and wound repair

The Bitter Melon extract promotes wound healing and a high

percentage of antioxidants achieves a comprehensive

bactericidal function.

Goyaheal repairs the wound effectively by killing and prevent

the development of bacteria without any suffering.

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