You can change your billing address at any time. Go to ‘My Account’ and click on ‘Addresses’ tab on the left menu panel. From there you can manage your billing address. Take Me There!
When You Sign Up: If there are spots available, we’ll bill you upon signing up and send you the current month’s bag. If not, you’ll get next month’s bag. Keep an eye on your ZÉRA account for updates about your first bag. Your membership will automatically renew until you cancel.

Monthly Billing: You’ll be billed automatically on the same day of the following month

Annual Billing: You’ll be billed for another year of ZÉRA Petit on the last day of your last month (unless you cancel before then). For example, if you purchased an annual membership beginning in January 2021 and ending December 2021, we would bill you for your second year (January to December 2020) on December 31st, 2021.

Insert a subsection : Can I pick the date you bill me?

We don’t have a way to customize your billing date, so your card will always be automatically billed on the last day of the month.

If you’d prefer not to be billed for the upcoming month, you can always skip a month. (bring user to “Can I pause my membership?”
We offer 2 different types of memberships (monthly or annual), and your billing experience will differ depending on which type you choose.* Here’s the breakdown :

For monthly members:

If we’re able to successfully bill you, we start prepping the upcoming month’s shipment.

If we’re not able to bill you, we’ll try again a few days later. We continue billing through the middle of the month, and will attempt to re-bill your card every few days.

If we’re able to successfully bill you before our billing period ends mid-month, you’ll get that month’s shipment! It won’t be prepared for shipment until your payment clears, so if your payment goes through late in the month, you’ll get it later than usual.

If we’re unable to bill you after repeated attempts, we can’t send you that month’s shipment. But don’t worry, you can still get the following month if you update your card!

If your card declines payment 3 months in a row, your membership will be put on hold, and we’ll stop attempting to bill you. You can always resubscribe anytime you want.

For annual members:

We’ll bill your card when you sign up and you’ll be charged for 12 months of ZÉRA Petit. Your membership automatically renews, so you can expect to be billed again for another year of shipments on the last day of your 12th month.

If we’re not able to bill you when you sign up, or when your membership renews, we’ll try again a few days later. (We’ll email you first so that you have time to double-check that your card is ready for billing.) We’ll attempt to re-bill your card every few days until our billing period closes.

Once your payment clears successfully, you can look forward to 12 months of uninterrupted membership!

*If you’re a new member, find more information here about when you’ll be billed for your first bag. Bring users to the “When will I be billed”
We accept all credit and debit cards.
We do not offer refunds or exchanges for ZÉRA Petit memberships, but we’re always happy to replace anything missing or damaged.

Please note that our replacement policy is good for up to 7 days after the shipment date.

If something needs to be replaced, please contact us as soon as possible and we’ll be happy to help!

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