ZÉRA Petit is a pouch that consist 4 maternity and kids/baby products, curated based on your Profile

It is only RM6 per month for West Malaysia and RM15 for East Malaysia.

You can sign up for your own ZÉRA Petit here
ZÉRA is all about personalization and discovery!

We personalize your ZÉRA Petit based on your profile, your preferred feature and your product review feedback to choose the best products for you. We also want to introduce you to amazing brands and products you may not have heard about or tried before.

Your ZÉRA Petit will include a variety of different types of products, and we encourage you to try everything you get. You may find a new favorite!
Yes, just login to your profile and click “Journey”.

Kindly note that updated preference will be reflected on your next month’s ZÉRA Petit.


A tracking code will be sent to your Whatsapp number once your Petit has been delivered.

All shipping to West Malaysia are free, but for East Malaysia, a low fee of RM10 will be charge

You can change your shipping address at any time. Login to your profile, go to ‘Account Details’ and click on ‘Edit’ button at the bottom. From there you can manage your shipping address. Take Me There!

Currently we only ship within Malaysia.
However, we are expanding to other countries soon. Stay tuned!


You can send us a Whatsapp text at +60 11-2377 5842

New subscriber : You will be billed 5 days later after your bank approval. If you chose FPX as your payment method, a one time fee of RM1 will be charged during your first subscription.

Existing subscriber : You’ll be billed automatically on the same day of the following month

We offer 2 different types of memberships (monthly or annual), and your billing experience will differ depending on which type you choose.* Here’s the breakdown :

For monthly members:

If we’re able to successfully bill you, we start prepping the upcoming month’s shipment.

If we’re not able to bill you, we’ll try again a few days later. We continue billing through the middle of the month, and will attempt to re-bill your card every few days.

If we’re able to successfully bill you before our billing period ends mid-month, you’ll get that month’s shipment! It won’t be prepared for shipment until your payment clears, so if your payment goes through late in the month, you’ll get it later than usual.

If we’re unable to bill you after repeated attempts, we can’t send you that month’s shipment. But don’t worry, you can still get the following month if you update your card!

If your card declines payment 3 months in a row, your membership will be put on hold, and we’ll stop attempting to bill you. You can always resubscribe anytime you want.

We accept FPX, all credit and debit cards.

We do not offer refunds or exchanges for ZÉRA Petit memberships, but we’re always happy to replace anything missing or damaged.

Please note that our replacement policy is good for up to 7 days after the shipment date.

If something needs to be replaced, please contact us as soon as possible and we’ll be happy to help!